The 20–20–20 rule:

  • Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20ft (6.09m) away, for at least like 20 seconds.

Computer glasses (to reduce glare and eyestrain):

  • gaming glasses (e.g. the Gunnar tint and coating ( can be found at e.g. Best Buy (where they are known to carry e.g. Gunnar Intercept computer gaming eyewear glasses frames))
  • safety glasses (can often buy in bulk)
  • nosepads (replaceable)
  • nosepads (built-in)
  • glasses measurements (mm)
  • temple measurement
  • vertical/frame height
  • eye_size*2 + bridge size ~= width

Monitor adjustments (to reduce glare and eyestrain):

  • brightness/contrast
  • lighten the blue channel (*)
  • good monitor stands support vertical tilt

I had fissured open the shell by way of a handy screwdriver and exposed the shiny, mysterious world within.

The damage made to the scarred plastic molding of my Fisher Price tape recorder could never be repaired, but this fact held no importance – I was in. Finally the fruition of my careful plans and painful execution left me in longtime sandy-haired neighbor’s domicile armed with a grocery sack loaded with a prying bar and Toy Story Woody’s oration amplification system.

For years – probably closer to months, as I had lived only 4 years prior to the incident –…

Wes Turner

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