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In graduate school and at work, here are the different mentors you need

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Is this what mentorship looks like? Why are they drawing on glass? Don’t they get distracted by the photographer creeping behind the glass? Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

When I was in college, working on my bachelor’s degree, there were two things I hated: networking, and trying to figure out who could be my potential mentor could be.

I didn’t really have one person I could name as a mentor. Thankfully, when I got to graduate school, I was able to remedy this — and I realized how important it is to not just have a mentor, but to have multiple mentors.

The scary spectre of networking is a whole other can of worms, that I’ll likely get into in a different article, but let’s talk about mentorship, why mentors are useful, and the top mentors that you should try to find. …

But these other species are at risk from raging West Coast wildfires

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Raging wildfires are a scary thing for humans — but for some other species, these fires are actually a good thing. Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash

As someone living in California, wildfires are incredibly scary. Even though I’m not a homeowner, I shudder at the idea of a fire approaching where I live, threatening everything that I belong and leaving nothing but ashes in its wake.

This year, an unexpected thunderstorm (along with a gender reveal party gone wrong) led to a rash of wildfires that swept up and down the west coast. …

Bugs? Oil? Coal? Read before you eat that red velvet cake

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“Gosh, I sure do love eating insects. So tasty, so red. Bugs in my mouth — simply the best.” Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash

Even before I learned that “red velvet cake” was just chocolate cake with red food coloring, I considered it one of my favorite flavors — ironically, second only to (un-dyed) chocolate.

A surprising amount of the food we consume contains various compounds to add color. …


Sam Westreich, PhD

PhD in genetics, bioinformatician, scientist at a Silicon Valley startup. Microbiome is the secret of biology that we’ve overlooked.

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