Incredible Kids’ Beds

We found ten incredibly unique kids’ beds and we’re in awe. Check ’em out!

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We’ve been doing a little research to find the coolest, most unique beds for kids. Well, folks, some of these are whoppers. Like, actually insane. Whatever happened to a good ol’ fashioned creaky twin bed? It’s safe to say these parents are winning. Check out these sweet retreats for kids who are all set to move out of their cribs!

1. This hot air balloon-inspired bed. Are we in a fairytale?! The bed is incredible, but the rest of the room is equally as amazing. Check out the full story here.

2. This teepee bed. How cozy is this? You can find it at Cuckooland. We like the sound of that.

3. This Little Mermaid-inspired bed. Look at this bed, isn’t it neat? Made by Danish company Circu, it comes with a whopping $16,000 price tag. For that price, it doesn’t need to be part of our world.

4. This aviator-inspired bed. Does Leo come with purchase?(Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the direct source to give proper credit)

5. This woodland design by Saartjeprum. We’ll be posted up here with some popcorn if you need us.

6. This adventure hangout bed by Not On The High Street. Not as crazy as some of the others that made this list, but still makes our inner child a little jealous.

7. This truck bed. Seems like a lot of work. Good for these parents (Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the direct source to give proper credit)

8. This VW-inspired bed. Another from Circu. They’re good. You can find it here.

9. This Cinderella bed fit for a princess. See it here.

10. This basketball bed designed by Perianth. Don’t show your husbands.

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Originally published at on July 9, 2017.