Tweed Kilenso Natural

Taste: Berry, rose, clean & complex. Natural, heirloom varieties coffee from Kilenso, Sidama, Ethiopia. The Sidama region is nestled on the eastern slopes of the Mendabo Mountain Range in the Great Rift Valley of South-central Ethiopia.

Cool stuff. Even cooler still, this coffee was pulled for me at Houndstooth on North Lamar by a new friend, Ben. And, I will say it, this shot was my favorite espresso…ever. This coffee, when pulled, was so sweet, creamy, and smooth I knew this was a cool coffee. Imagine a liquid, grape Jolly Rancher, yeah…

I add this coffee the my long list of naturals that I have loved. Looking into the coffee community, the fruity coffees seem to get the stigma of cliche. But hey, you like what you like. This kinda takes me down a path with coffee. I think we all go through our quality zealotry when experiencing coffee. We want to know what we are doing when we brew and drink the stuff. But when you are not in coffee to make your living, I don’t know how long that should last. It’s the same thing with beer. I get my basics under my belt, and then I just go for what I know I will like. To keep things interesting, I try to grow my pallet, reaching for new cups.

It may be time to branch out now. I have a few Guatemalans on the counter at home. But these Ethiopian naturals strike a chord, and I am totally cool with that.

Tweed roasts for Houndstooth from what I understand. Tweed is in Dallas, Texas. Houndstooth is in Dallas and Austin. Keep it real, Tweed.

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