The “Fourth of You Lie” Edition — Part I — 07.18.17

Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger we said we’d be back, and here we are! This week Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan are going to jump down a patriotic rabbit hole- evangelicalism, nationalism, patriotism, honor, GOP, Democrats, the church — all these topics and more. Of course there’ll be laughter, confusion, and hearts warmed. Plus Ryan wants to introduce trap music sound fx into the podcast but needs an app to do it well. Until he can find an app he’s going to tackle the problem with his own personal touch. This is the Fourth of You Lie edition for July 2017.

Show Notes:

Robert Jeffress —…olitics-concert

Celebrate Freedom Rally in DC —

Freedom Sunday at First Baptist Dallas (church service) —

The WTD crew doesn’t have it all figured out but we’re trying to talk about and give voice to these conversations in public. So shout out to all of our listeners! We’re so fortunate that y’all take time out of your week to listen to us. Thank you for listening and please share us with your circles — birthday present, anniversary gift, or just a simple conversation starter…WTD is there for every occasion!

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