The “Nashville Statement” Edition — 09.12.17

Since nobody so far has asked us what do we think about the Nashville Statement, we took it on ourselves to ask each other! If you haven’t read the statement, check out the link below. Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan talk through the messaging, the wording, the tone, and specific points in the statement. In the usual WTD fashion that you’ve come to know and love we breakdown the conversation in hopes of injecting more nuance. And yes…Ryan gets sidetracked about the word “Biblical” again….!!

Show Notes:

Nashville Statement —
Mark Yarhouse On the Nashville Statement —…/amp/
Ta-neishi Coats — Trump first white President —
Jim Schultz —…-racial-history/…-hanging-black-man
Brain Stevenson — Just Mercy…venson+just+mercy
Denver Statement —…denver-statement/

The WTD crew doesn’t have it all figured out but we’re trying to talk about and give voice to these conversations in public. So shout out to all of our listeners! We’re so fortunate that y’all take time out of your week to listen to us. Thank you for listening and please share us with your circles — birthday present, anniversary gift, or just a simple conversation starter…WTD is there for every occasion!

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