Removing Mould from your bathroom

If left to grow, mould can be very harmful to your health so removing it from your shower or bathroom fittings is essential. Mould is a common issue in most bathrooms/wet rooms and can be tricky to remove without knowing the correct ways of tackling and preventing it’s growth. You will often find both mould and mildew in your shower unit, taps & basin as damp environments are ideal for it to grow and feed off grime, left behind by soapsuds and scum.

Wet & Forget Shower Spray is specifically formulated to tackle mould and mildew in your bathroom, with a high-efficiency nozzle (included with the product) for an even cover. Simply, spray target areas with Wet & Forget, leave to tackle the dirt and rinse when you next come to use your shower.

For more information, including a before and after, please see our demonstration video —

Additional tip — Trying to remove mould without damaging your silicone can be tricky, however using products with no bleach or ammonia typically does the trick.