You Can’t Be Racist Against White People
Jenée In The Closet

This is stupid beyond believable, racism comes from origin of Thinking one race is superior to another. I’m part Irish and that makes me white, Irish people were enslaved by the British, does that mean someone could be racist towards me since I have been “Oppressed” back in the early industrial ages? Or does my “white privilege” that doesn’t exist counter it? You can be racists towards any race based on past doings/stereotypes, like how it’s racist for someone to ask a white person if they’re going to “shoot up the school” based on majority of school shooting being caused by white people. There are only 2 genders, liberals can’t do politics, America Is the best, Trump 2016 Trump 2020, Don’t be A Islam Apologist, Don’t be a color Rider (Sucking up to colored people due to you thinking you owe something) Don’t be a beta human. This post is retarded and who ever believes this to be true is either someone ignorant or someone of colored that hates white people. White people in this Era have done nothing wrong, Just humans like everyone else. Don’t make white people the minority (P.S. White people are minority in major cities in America. Cleveland, Chicago, New York City, Miami, etc)

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