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Kellyanne Conway presented her own “alternative facts” version of Democratic Women Leaders in White House History during a “Hardball” MSNBC interview with Chris Matthews.

He opened with, “As you pointed out, and I think somebody ought to advertise this, you’re one of three women who have ever held the very high position of Counselor to the President. Tell us more.”

Conway replied, “And all of them were Republicans. There’s never been a Democratic woman with that title, Chris. Just a little piece of useful trivia. It tells you yet again Donald Trump has been promoting and elevating women…in the Cabinet…”

For the record, Ann Lewis was Counselor to Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Ann Lewis

President Donald J. Trump has appointed just four women out of 23 Cabinet-level positions (17 percent). This is less than the past five presidents on achieving gender equality. President Barack Obama had double Trump, with eight women of 23 positions (35 percent).

Valerie Jarrett was considered President Obama’s closest adviser for the full eight years. She had the same title as Karl Rove, “Senior Advisor to the President.” Shailagh Murray was also Senior Advisor to President Obama. These facts comprise, not compromise, authentic women’s history.

Conway deliberately deleted the pioneer Democratic Women Leaders from White House History. My Three R’s of Women’s History due diligence are: Record, Report and Remember.

It’s curious how Conway did not remember to credit Jarrett in the interview. Even more so, when I read that they spoke backstage at a Politico/Google/Tory Burch “Women Rule Summit” on December 7. Jarrett told that audience she encouraged a reluctant Conway to take the White House job. On December 20, Conway tweeted she had a second 30-minute conversation with Jarrett. Conway announced on December 22 that she would accept a White House position. She was photographed leaving lunch at the White House with Jarrett on January 4, two days after her Matthews interview.

In fact, Conway tweeted to Jarrett in January, “…I inherited your office & love of the job,” proudly and publicly positioning herself as Jarrett’s successor. She boasts frequently that she works in the West Wing office above the president’s, previously occupied by Jarrett, Karl Rove and First Lady Hillary Clinton.


Conway is duly recognized in my Women Winners 2016 Election Report: Cracking The Glass Ceiling, Celebrate Slivers of Success.She is the first female to manage a Republican presidential campaign and the first to win a successful U.S. presidential campaign. See all the women winners who made political history in the report.


Kellyanne lives up to her last name, conceiving the “Con-way” response to media questions with “alternative facts.” Her code name could be “Rapunzel.” She is a supreme spinner and princess of the partisan pivot police. If there was an Olympics for rhythmic verbal gymnastics, she would win the gold medal in the twisted pretzel pivot position. She is the chief “WMD:” Woman or Weapon of Media Distraction and Deception.

Dina Powell was named Senior Counselor to President Donald J. Trump on January 12. Ann Armstrong was appointed the first woman Counselor in 1973, to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Karen Hughes was Counselor to President George W. Bush.


May I propose Matthews and Conway correct the Women Leaders in White House History “alternative facts” and honor these pioneer women on his show? Conway returned to CNN to apologize for her false “Bowling Green Massacre” statement.


In the spirit of sisterhood, let’s make more Women Leaders in White House History milestones, including president. Onward and upward. “Celebrate Women Every Day and Make History!”

See Today’s History in my “Women Make History Every Day Database” at

Beverly Wettenstein

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