New York Food Scene

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When in the Big Apple, you won’t only find apples (pun intended, hehe) but thousands more options when it comes to your wining and dining needs. From delis, street foods, cafes and restaurants, NYC offers an overwhelming variety of choices to satiate even the most discerning palates. Of course, a visit to NYC necessitates several food trips or foodie things to do such as:

✓ Eat from a street food vendor.

Most nights you might forget to eat when you get caught up with all the things New York has to offer. But not to worry, there are plenty of food stands and food trucks around NYC. I lived in Times Square and there were countless street food available like halal stands. Fancy a pretzel, hot dog, kebab or even an empanada? NYC street food has tons to offer.

Pros: Convenient, cheaper and quicker than eating in restaurants

Cons: Nothing outstanding and still expensive but then again, it’s NYC…

✓ Visit Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.

One of the things I anticipated the most prior to my NYC visit is gorging on oodles of street food from Smorgasburg, a flea market for food! I had the chance to visit it before it moved to an indoors location. Thank goodness I read this list before going to NYC or else I wouldn’t have known about Smorgasburg!

However, when I arrived there, it was already late and there were only a few stands left. I got to try the ramen burger, deviled eggs, spicy wings, takoyaki, pumpkin desserts and more. It’s best to go with friends and family so you can buy a lot of different food to share or else, it’s expensive to shoulder the cost alone if you want to try a great variety of food.

P.S. @foodbabyofmine is my food-centric Instagram account.

Overall, it was interesting but nothing worth raving about. I’d still come back for this though because to be fair, I didn’t get the chance to visit when all the stands were open and Smorgasburg has more than a hundred vendors! The best thing about Smorgasburg is its completely instagram-worthy setting. Warnings: it provides no shade from the sun and it’s still quite expensive for street food.

✓ Indulged my sweet tooth in Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Growing up, Dylan Lauren, the eponymous founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, was obsessed with candy. What happens when one combines a passion for candy and the backing of an entrepreneurial father like Ralph Lauren? A massive candy store chain inspired by Willy Wonka’s factory! Upon entering the NYC flagship store, you’ll immediately know what candy land would look like in the real world.

Besides candy, the store also offers confectionery-inspired apparel, pillows and gifts with a pop culture twist. Are you a Mean Girls fan? Why not try their Mean Girls “Is butter a carb?” Popcorn Flavored jelly beans or their “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” plastic wine tumbler with gummy bears. Oooooh.

Want to know what your favorite celebrities’ favorite candies are? From Kim K to Tyra Banks, their celebrity wall of favorite candies showcases famous personalities’ fave sweet treats! Before I forget, let’s talk about their ice cream! Ohhh! I tried various flavors of their ice cream and all were amazing albeit expensive!

✓ Saw for myself what the hype is all about and tried Momofuku Milk bar.

Being a MasterChef fan, I was well-aware that Christina Tosi, the new MasterChef judge and renowned baker, has bakeries in NYC! Hence, I tried her compost cookie, crack pie, cereal milk ice cream and others that were not very memorable so I forgot about them.

I would have tried the klossies (supermodel Karlie Kloss’ sugar-free, gluten-free and wheat-free cookies) but the store employee forgot to put my order in (I don’t remember if she charged me for it ugh). See their menu if you’re interested.

My favorites would be the crack pie (although it’s very rich and sweet so I could only eat it bit by bit) and the compost cookie (so many flavors going on at once). Both tasted vaguely familiar and I liked them both. If you like your milk to be very sweet, maybe their cereal milk soft serve is for you. It wasn’t for me but my friend loved it.

✓ Got some Southern soul food at Sylvia’s Restaurant.

To be honest, it felt odd to eat waffles for dinner. The chicken was good. Even beter if not drenched by gravy coz then it’s still crispy. Maybe next time I’ll just get the chicken with gravy on the side. Best of both worlds.

The portions were great. Overall, the food was good but nothing outstanding. I can’t seem to remember a specific food that stood out for me to make me want to visit this place again. My friend really liked her chicken and waffles though.

✓ Tried the always packed no-frills cash-only Katz’s delicatessen.

This is deli where Harry met Sally in When Harry Met Sally. It’s apparently New York’s most iconic deli and home to the greatest pastrami sandwich (well, that’s according to the company website).

I liked neither their pastrami nor their corned beef sandwiches nor their pickles but my siblings loved them! I found the sandwiches too bland and the pickles tasted yucky. The chicken soup is nice though. Truly, people taste things differently. Would I like to go back? No, but my siblings would like to.

How it works: They give you a card. For each order you make at every station (drinks station, sandwich station, etc.), they record it on the card. After eating, there’s a cashier on your way out where you have to give the card and pay. If you lose your card, you have to pay a fee.

✓ Squealed over the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM!

Hailed as the “World’s First Cupcake ATM”, it dispenses freshly baked cupcakes and cookies 24/7! It has multiple locations and it’s coming to Florida soon! It also provides plenty of perks like a referral bonus, skip the line pass and more!

I passed by this when I was on the Gossip Girl tour and it looked so pink and cute! Honey boo below seems to agree too! I wish I got the chance to play with it. I reckon it would be as fun as using the gold ATM in the UAE.

New York is something else entirely when it comes to tantalizing people’s taste buds. When it comes to food, one can spend a lifetime eating one’s way through NYC. To see more photos and my foodie to-do list should I find myself in NYC again (which I hope is soon!), check out my full blog post.