Welcome to Weybridge Wellbeing

Do you sometimes feel you are on a relentless treadmill battling with your to-do list? Constantly falling short against your own (too) high expectations?

Life is busy ( dare I say it — especially in Elmbridge.) There is so much to do; so many places to go to, balanced nutritious dinners to cook, perfect parenting to achieve, long commutes, farrow and ball paint trends to keep up with (or is it Benjamin Moore paints now?), the right nail polish for 2017 so that you look like you keep up to date but not that you are trying too hard oh and the surrey hills 100 or a triathlon to train for…

Do you find it tricky to take guilt-free time out for your own well being? Do you just feel that you don’t have the time?

If so you have stumbled on to the right page! Hooray or Hurrah or do we go with yay now? No matter the sentiment is clear — smiley emoji.

Weybridge Wellbeing wants to introduce you to Mindfulness and give you tips and advice on how to slow down, simplify and enjoy the little things in life.

It’s sole purpose is to be your virtual cheerleader — giving you permission to take time out to take care of yourself, embracing the days when it all works and helping to pick you up and keep you going on days when things don’t go to plan.

This is not about perfection, this is about encouraging you on your journey to a more mindful existence. Fully accepting that you are human and there will be days when you ace it and others when you don’t. There will be no judgement here. We will tap into the wonderful local community and share tips and inspiration from the many guru’s and practitioners out there.

Join us on our mission — pledge some time to make space for you and see how a more mindful approach can make you happier or simply more content. Engage with us when you can. Follow through the links below for inspiring quotes, articles and photo’s.

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