No Fling the Bunny

We are to regard our life as if it was a wee little bunny; a bunny that we hold in the crook of our arm as if we were holding a baby. We gaze into the eyes of said bunny and we say: “I love you life. You are amazing, sacred, stinking awesome, and I hold you in the highest of esteem. The stars align for your glory, giant angels work overtime for your protection, you can be anything you want to become if only you will believe and work and get up again and again. I trust you life. I give great thanks for your extraordinariness.”

But we do not often say this to life. We do the opposite. We grab the bunny and we fling it.

Actually… why don’t you click here and see an animated explanation of this dilemma we all face!

Eddie Coker. Founder & Visionary of Wezmore.
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