How to be famous

Find a group of people who love you for being you.

And stick with them.

And be yourself.

And then you’ll be famous.

See, we’ve been lied to.

We were told that being famous meant having a million followers.

Thats bullshit.

Jesus only had 12 followers.

All you need is a small group of friends who inspire you.

Find your tribe. And give to your tribe. And they’ll give back.

And you’ll feel like the luckiest person in the world.

We’ve been told that we need to be individualistic. That we can make it on our own.

But thats only half the story.

In order to be individuals we need other individuals.

In order to be successful we need others.

Otherwise we’re nothing.

And thats okay.

But if you want to be something, you need someone to validate your existence.

A few someones.

You can validate your own existence. You are ultimately alone, with others.

But you’re here on Earth now. And while your here you might want to interact with all the other characters.

Each one has a special message for you. A special way of validating your own existence.

So, find your crew.

They’re out there.

We’re out here.