When no one is looking

That’s when you’re really performing.

Thats when you really show yourself who you are.

We act for others, we put on a show.

But do we act for ourselves?

Today it is harder and harder to sit with ourselves.

When everyone is looking at each other.

Social media has us trapped in an illusion of performance.

We think we are performing for each other when we’re really practicing be by ourselves.

Will you write a poem that no one will ever see?

Or will you get stuck trying to make it perfect for everyone else.

Will you say what you really think? Or tone it down so no one gets offended?

We need to be with ourselves now more than ever.

We need to watch ourselves when no one is watching.

Be kind to yourself. You matter. Without you, this wouldn’t be here.

So in those moments when no one is looking, what do you do?

Do you look at what everyone else is doing?

Or do you invest it in creating from your heart?

Meditating by yourself.

Becoming still so, you can find what really moves you.

And at some point you will move yourself.

It will come from deep inside you. A passion to create. Or a passion to keep sitting.

But the important thing is that the motivation is internal.

Its because its what you want.

Not your parents.

Not your culture.

Not your friends.

What you want.

No one is looking and I am writing this.

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