Jeff Jarvis

Perhaps it’s time to for ProfJeffJarvis to change professions. I’ve really enjoyed Rurik Bradbury’s humor on Twitter, but I think we’ve crossed the threshold where the joke is no longer funny. If editors at other publications can’t tell the difference between the fake Jeff Jarvis and the real one*, it means that your average person definitely can’t tell. And at that point, you’re just being mean toward Jeff — if not downright defamatory.

I’m guessing Rurik is a decent guy. His satire is biting and he has provided hours of entertainment. I really like the account. But if this gag is actually endangering the health of the real Jeff Jarvis, there’s no way anyone can feel good about that. The last thing I want is for Jeff Jarvis’ heart to go into afib over a Twitter parody account.

Close the account. Or change the name. It’s time. The joke is no longer funny.

*Correction: Both Rurik and the original editor of the now deleted AJAM piece have reached out to say that AJAM was completely aware that ProfJeffJarvis was not the real Jeff Jarvis at the point of publication. You can read his response about why he’s totally okay with it. I still stand by my argument that the Twitter handle is confusing to laypeople and causes needless emotional and physical distress to an actual human being. I’m not sure why anyone would be opposed to @FakeJeffJarvis, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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