7 Reasons To Invest in the World’s First Masternode Marketplace Company (WFMMC) ICO

1) The idea of a masternode marketplace is as new as the idea of a cryptocurrency exchange was 10 years ago. The market is ours for the taking.

2) It’s easy to get started and you can still get WFM tokens at a bargain price. You’re at the Ground Zero WFMMC investment opportunity.

3) WFMMC offers different investment strategies for different investors:

  • Long-term capital growth — hold tokens for about a year until the Beta version of the marketplace platform is released
  • Positive cash flow — invest in tokens and use them to pay for masternodes

4) Your investment will make the world a better place because a free masternode monitoring and management tool — free for personal usage — will make masternode owners/investors lives happier, easier, and who knows — maybe even more fulfilled…

5) It will improve your cryptocurrency knowhow. And, it goes a long way with impressing people at a party with the depth of your crypto knowledge.

6) Reduce your taxable income. Put your ETH to work with WFMMC and reap all the benefits in a quick year or so.

7) When you decide to become a Masternode Tycoon you will have all the WFM tokens you’d ever want to build a profitable masternode pool. Plus, you won’t have to do any setup or maintenance work

As WFMMC is running the ICO to raise funds to build the Masternode Marketplace and Masternode Monitoring and Management tool — you are welcome to participate at the http://wfmmc.online . Your support is needed, otherwise the future could be gray and boring…