A Satirical Taxonomic Overview of this Modern Plague

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From coffee shops to music festivals, retro arcades to abandoned mine shafts — hipsters have become a detrimental plague that is infesting western society at an alarming rate. In this educational (satirical) series, you will learn how to identify common hipsters.

Hipsters, H. hipsta, are a subspecies of modern humans in the genus Homo that were discovered by the scientific community in the late 21st century. Although there is some evidence that the “hipster mentality” has been around for a few hundred years, it is widely accepted that the hipster became a dominating species in the 1990s. Hipsters are most…

…or a story about moving up in a fin-tech start-up

This article was originally posted in March of 2016 but removed because of external pressures. I’m posting it now after I have been apart from the company for a few months.

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Gensler Design | Photo via Jasper Sanidad and KBM | Hogue

Company culture has become one of those buzzwords that has transcended being used exclusively by entrepreneurs talking to their shareholders and has cemented itself in the hearts of millennials and start-up employees around the globe. This isn’t to say that having a positive and supportive company culture isn’t a good thing, simply that the impact it has on a potential employee’s decision to join a company has skyrocketed within…

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Staring at a white HTML page with hardly any design or user experience thoughts put into is hard for anyone, even if you’re paid for it. Internal system tools don’t need to be bare bones, don’t punish your support and sales teams with bad design — it’s not nice.

The original system was created near the inception of the company and hardly changed as the company and its customer base grew. Functionalities were added sure, but older links remained on the page as a ghostly reminder of old processes and internal usage needs.

When I was the Project Coordinator for…

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Dello is a social media application that aims to help people meet new people and create meaningful relationships that are based on common interests. It used to be called Group but we decided it was too close to GroupMe. It took a while, but we landed on dello, which came from de-solo, the core concept of the app. It also looks and sounds like hello.

Suggest reading song: Long Espresso — o k h o

One of the things I’ve been creating for a while are resumes. I was applying for jobs for a long stretch of time and started messing with Photoshop trying to do anything to stand out. I was applying for retail positions, fast food positions, positions that a highly designed resume would be way too much of a time investment. There was no reason for me to be spending hours designing and crafting a resume that would be sent to some manager at Best Buy.

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One of my early resumes.

Taking a look at that, there’s…

For my entire life beautiful things have made me happy. Nice looking cars, art, everything. As I have gotten older, I started exploring design, I dabbled in graphic work for a while in high school and early college, but never understood what design actually meant.

It was only this year when my friend Adam Donovan explained to me what design meant.

Design: A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made.

Look and function. I understood what I was missing, function. For most…

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The all powerful D20

You wake up. It is dark. You hear a dripping sound. What do you do?

For all the great things that Slack can do to help boost your work productivity and communication, it can also help boost your ability to mess around and play games with friends. That’s right, Slack is a great way to play text-based role-playing games with your friends.

The reasons why Slack is a wonderful environment for these games is that it’s a flexible and customizable instant messaging service.

Wilhelm Lichnock

Freelance designer. Lover of beanies, fashion, and memes.

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