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One of the things I’ve been creating for a while are resumes. I was applying for jobs for a long stretch of time and started messing with Photoshop trying to do anything to stand out. I was applying for retail positions, fast food positions, positions that a highly designed resume would be way too much of a time investment. There was no reason for me to be spending hours designing and crafting a resume that would be sent to some manager at Best Buy.

One of my early resumes.

Taking a look at that, there’s no way that anyone who’s not a designer needs a resume that looks like this. First of all there’s not enough room to elaborate on job descriptions, there’s too much focus on social media outlets, and there’s too much free space that a non-design oriented employer would never appreciate. Sure it looks good, but it doesn’t meet the functional needs of a entry-level/non-designing resume. And, as I discussed previously, aesthetic is only important after the functional needs are met.

Current Resume

This resume was created with an eSports position in mind.

This resume was targeted and appropriate for the intended applications. I used to be a professional eSports manager and I created this with the intent to get back into it. Everything about this screams tech and being hip, which is perfect for the young and creative industry. The aesthetic appeal of the resume is matched by the ample content; actual design.

I love this resume so much more than all my other work, every other resume I created previously was unbalanced. The earliest ones were boring, literally just walls of text, detailing every mundane task I’ve ever done, no color, nothing but Times New Roman. BLEH.


But once I started getting into design, I went on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, just look at my pink design. Everything looked so clean, so beautiful, so creative, so me. But there was nothing content wise.

I guess I’m just ranting about something everyone knows, design is balance. Equal parts visual and content. Equal parts color and text. I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore, so here’s a cool and impactful quote.

Design is balance.

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