Where to Find the Best Hoagies Near Homes for Sale in Tacony Philadelphia PA

Where to Find the Best Hoagies Near Homes for Sale in Tacony Philadelphia PA

In revitalizing the business district near homes for sale in Tacony Philadelphia PA, the Tacony Community Development Corporation was able to come up with a great food trail idea. The business district has been restored to its original glory. In order to keep the business alive in Tacony, different strategies were needed. The Hoagie Trail is not only a way of inviting more people to come to Tacony but a way of expressing how proud their community is of their local businesses such as those included in the said trail.

DeNofa’s Italian Sausage and Deli

Their “Ernie” hoagie is one of the most well known hoagies in town. Frequently made with breakfast sausage, sharp provolone, hot peppers, fried onions and broccoli rabe, this bestseller has never ceased to fail in satisfying customers. Located at 6946 Torresdale Avenue near Tacony Philadelphia homes for sale, this deli is one of the town’s best kept secrets. For more than 36 years, the deli’s owner Angie has been bringing to life the inspiration she got from her mother’s recipes. DeNofa has been the locals’ go-to place when in need of their homemade sausage and Italian specialty fix.

Fink’s Hoagies

Working in cooperation with Liscio’s Bakery by using their seeded French loaf rolls, Fink’s Hoagies succeeds in creating a taste that is uniquely Tacony. This hoagie haven can be found at 4633 Princeton Avenue and often frequented for its “Torresdale” hoagie. This is a sandwich where the amazing goodness and flavors of roast pork, provolone cheese, roasted garlic and spinach leaves come together and satisfies customers like no other.

Jack’s Place

The sign outside 7167 Hegerman St. will leave you wondering. It claims to be the “home of the best hoagie in the free world.” You top real estate agent in Tacony Philadelphia PA would definitely know what this sign outside Jack’s Place would mean. You too would understand once you try their hoagies. For more than 20 years, Jack’s Place has been successfully managed by their family. Soppressata, Genoa salami and sharp provolone are just among the most famous ingredients customers would usually get in their Italian specialty hoagies that Jack’s Place has to offer.

Pagano’s Steaks and Shakes

As businesses continue to flourish and thrive along Torresdale Avenue, so does the Hoagie Trail. Pagano’s Steaks and Shakes is the newest addition to the family of hoagies in Tacony. Alexandro, also known as “cheesesteak magnate” drew inspiration and motivation through his extensive experience in the food business in putting up Pagano’s. Triple meat cheesesteak is among Pagano’s crowd favorite. The rookie deli might be relatively new but has impressively made it a number of times already to top ten lists that feature the best hoagies in Philadelphia. This deli is definitely a must-visit when in town.

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