In a time when the world is a strange and deadly place, there lives a people embracing the hope of those who came before them. This hope born of tolerance and communication is the most infectious force on this planet. Freedom to freely speak your unique view of the world, foresight to recognize the darkness in your own life and light to fight that inner evil in all of us. One key element in this struggle is to recognize that no matter what religion you follow, be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or others, the common beliefs of all far outweigh…

Above the Trees

Soaring high over the land, wings spread wide to catch the warm air rising over the mountains, the eagle spies a few moving through the treetops below. Here above the clouds, not many visit let alone stay to call this height home. Leaving the column of warmth, she dives to the tips of the trees until she reaches the next ridge to climb again.

The land below seems different today. Change blows on this wind. Change and death. Suddenly a huge dragon swoops down behind her. One glance back was all she had before it was upon her…

The Tree Village

Below in…

It was light that day. The wind whistling through the trees surrounding the camp. It was cold yet no one seemed to feel it. Some sat by the fire light in the hazy morning mist eating their meager rations before the day’s work would begin.

Clothed in dull grays and browns they sat and ate. The grass was wilted and dew covered…

It was a clear night when the ship cleared the mouth of the harbor. The stars danced on the calm water as they approached the city. Small ships dotted the bay, sparkling a thousand lanterns across the sea.

As they approached they heard the buzz of a large city, and something more. Celebration filled the air. People filled the streets, dancing from tavern to tavern, making love and falling to the thieves. Suddenly, flares of light filled the sky, images of flowers, stars and thunderous noises bursting forth from the nothingness. A thousand scents filled the air, perfumes from a thousand lands.

The sea was calm that morning. The water was blue glass writhing below a sea of air. The sun peaked over the horizon glistening brightly into the blue sky.

Bill Forney

have code, will travel

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