Learn Your Past Lives Through Hypnotic Regression

Although ridiculed by skeptics and disavowed by academic science, the reality of past lives (i.e., reincarnation) has now been documented. Professional hypnotic regression often will successfully heal physical and mental health problems whose causes did not occur in this lifetime.

Beyond Traditional Hypnotherapy

Yet, perhaps the best proof is that even a professional hypnotherapist may misspeak occasionally. This happened in the accidental instruction that each of two academically rigid and professionally trained psychotherapists gave his patient during traditional psychotherapy — and revolutionized psychology! This is best illustrated by the two actual case histories involving their shocking discoveries.

Brian Weiss

Miami’s Brian Weiss was probably the first psychiatrist to publicize past-life hypnotic regression. He unintentionally discovered it with his patient named Catherine. During one of Catherine’s traditional sessions, she “flipped back” to a life thousands of years ago — stunning her psychiatrist! Later, however, after carefully reviewing her audio taped session repeatedly, he discovered that his instructions to her might have been too open-ended. He had said simply, “Go back to when you first felt this way.”

Although Brian Weiss has published several books illustrating different aspects of past life regression therapy, one seems to capture the overall benefit best — Through Time Into Healing: Discovering the Power of Regression Therapy to Erase Trauma and Transform Mind, Body, and Relationships. He writes, “I have found that about 40% of my patients need to delve into other lifetimes to resolve their current life clinical problems. But when past-life therapy is used to bring these long-repressed memories to awareness, improvement in the current symptoms is usually swift and dramatic.”

Michael Newton

Also an academically strict professional, California’s Michael Newton had been uncomfortable with “past-life” regression. Yet, one particular patient’s unusual symptoms seemed to warrant its use. Even with her family members nearby, the older woman constantly complained of being “so lonely.” But during the patient’s trance, Newton inadvertently mentioned the word “group” and the patient started crying. Newton asked her why. She blurted out, “I miss some friends in my group and that’s why I get so lonely on Earth.”

Dumbfounded, Newton asked her where her group was located. “Here, in my permanent home,” she explained, “and I’m looking at all of them right now!” The patient apparently was very hypnotizable and mentally had moved herself past the death scene in her previous life and into the afterlife (i.e., Heaven)! This was Newton’s first, astonishing exposure to what was then called “life-between-lives” hypnotic regression. To learn more, he closed his practice and spent ten years in exhaustive, specially-designed research. This culminated in his two books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

Fabrication of Past Lives

Michael Newton insists, “Subjects cannot lie, but they may misinterpret something seen in their unconscious mind just as we do in the conscious state. In hypnosis, people have trouble relating to anything they don’t believe is the truth.”