Parenting Tomorrow’s Peacekeeper … or Rogue?

Today, unfortunately for their offspring and for society, new parents may subconsciously know the answer. Too many babies are born in circumstances which routinely subject him or her to unfavorable nurturing and guidance. I used to believe that the labels “wanted” or “unwanted” would address the newcomer’s likely future development opportunities. However, with an apology and an expression of gratitude to adoptive couples, we must acknowledge that surrogate parenting doubles the obstacles that infants must face!

Whether you accept the reality that fetuses are conscious of planned adoption or surrogating, newborns certainly become aware of either at separation from the birth mother. Realize that infants are great at discerning but are awful at understanding. The gnawing question that may haunt them forever is “Wasn’t I worth keeping?”

It is therefore the birth mother, whether she realizes it or not, who determines the answer to the title question. Furthermore, this is not accomplished by simple delegation. You only need to watch other natural creatures’s instinctive bond between mother and offspring to realize the care and guidance that are expected from the birth mother.

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