Surprise: Your Soul Is Real!

Even if you read bestsellers about near-death experiences or past lives, you probably were just curious — you never expected these to happen to you! But don’t get too comfortable. One of them does regularly and the other could at any moment! Both involve a spiritual part of you, which traditional science disavows. But eminent scientists now believe that so-called “objective” scientific tests cannot prove or disprove this part of you.

By Many Names

Although the spiritual term for this is “soul,” which some researchers claim is “not sufficiently academic.” So other terms like “self,” “psyche,” or even “consciousness” are also used. The one characteristic common to all of them, whatever “it” is called, is its survival of our physical death.

For this reason, so-called “near-death” experiences — during sudden cardiac arrests (i.e., away from a medical facility) — have been called “actual-death” experiences! Furthermore, because “it” returns to earth in new bodies, you, me, and everyone else have had many “past lives”!

Even in History

Greek philosophers and early Church fathers acknowledged both souls and reincarnation. But they also knew that human beings — then and now — are not aware of their souls. They said that souls must accept the so-called “Veil of Forgetfulness,” so that the soul and its host body are not consciously aware of soul memories of past lives and Heaven.

But Recently

But fast-forward to today! Two scientific advances help explain the “veil.” One is that some children, typically before age three, surprise their parents with claims about their past lives. Naturally, most mothers react negatively. Yet, University of Virginia psychiatrist Ian Stevenson was able to verify past life details of 1200 out of 2500 children he assiduously investigated around the world over a period of forty years!

Second, in 1997, Chiron and fellow French researchers discovered that the part of our brains responsible for “waking” consciousness — the left cerebral hemisphere — does not become operative until almost three years after birth. So the right hemisphere is operative at birth and remains dominant until the left kicks in.

The Veil Exposed

Interestingly, hypnotic regression of the right hemisphere can access soul memories at any age. Also, those young children who remembered past lives could do so until the left hemisphere gave them “waking” consciousness. But after that, the “waking” consciousness created only conscious memories — and for neurophysiological reasons the left hemisphere cannot access those early memories of the right hemisphere!