50 mind-blowing implications of driverless cars
Geoff Nesnow

Customize your driverless experience

As your autonomous vehicle arrives and stops at your curb, you punch in your identification card to access your settings. Quickly you realize your teenage son has gone online and changed your settings to play the latest boy band song…

“Siri, stop music… play Led Zeppelin,” you respond as the door closes behind you. You’re thinking you should probably change your password to prevent your settings from getting changed again.

“Siri, show map overlay.” An augmented visual out the front ‘window’ — which is really just a monitor — is showing your neighbors’ avatar and an arrow displaying your route. Seeing the liquor store with a “10% off Spanish Red” advertisement above it, you remember you’re supposed to pick up wine… “Siri, stop at Tom’s Liquor Service. Order 2020 Spanish Red. Confirm Purchase.”

One brief stop later, you are on your way to meet Julia at your favorite restaurant downtown. It’s looking like a beautiful night except you forgot to change the display to show the actual weather. Instead, what you see outside is the sunset from the evening you first met Julia in 2008.

“Siri, order flowers to be sent to Carmine’s downtown where my reservations are.”

Repeat your last order?” she asks.

“No. Just a single orchid this time. Make it purple.”

“Completed. Your account will be charged 50 credits.”

It’s 10 minutes until you get there. Plenty of time to add the finishing touches to your latest design and ship it off to marketing…