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We don’t owe her shit either, including respect.

I mean, asking questions about her intent to run? Whatever. She likely will, and she seems to be constantly positioning herself for it, but probably little is served by constant inquiry. But criticizing her, period? Just fine.

It’s time for the reign of Clinton neo-liberalism to end, and if public critique or even public shaming of the putative candidate to continue it is needed as a precautionary measure, it’s absolutely justified. And that is what is mostly going on in the public discourse around Chelsea Clinton: a justifiable interrogation and critique of her views, past and current, views which are largely unfortunate.

If she never actually intends to run for any office or play a role in public life, well… she’s getting some shit she seems to deserve anyway, since she’s a fairly distasteful and breathtakingly privileged individual. Too bad. But if this helps keep her far from any public role ever, then god damn right. Shame these fuckers, shame them with great shame. Let them be put to the hiss of the world.