I was sitting idly in the deserted road looking past the horizon for sign of life. The dust was busy chasing itself… totally confused which is head and which is tail,desert winds were occupied in making and vanishing pyramids with the aid of sand… in general, nature was fully employed except for me…looking at horizon for sign of life.

I was willing to take anything for life fly or beetle or last breath of a withering leaf. Such was my state.

Then it happened, all of a sudden I no longer have any pity at! the stillness of death… I heard a new heartbeat, I smelt a new life…

All that time of self pity and worshipping the source of life was there waiting for me to calm down and acknowledge it’s presence.

Yes it’s the motor inside me… a van in middle of nowhere. I no more p

Search for life for its I that’s life. Without me looking or acknowledging the existence here nothing exists. My presence gives life to living.

And after brooding over it, I think it’d and with your case.

Happy living.