Good Deeds with NFT’s

3 min readJan 20, 2022
WGMI Browser Head Character with a happy face wearing glasses.
The Good Deeds Interface (this isn’t the artwork for G.D.W.N 001)

What is G.D.W.N?

A side project by the WGMI team and community with the sole purpose of doing good deeds with the funds generated from NFT sales.

Does purchasing a Good Deed make me eligible for the WGMI presale?

Unfortunately, not.

How does it work?

Good Deeds is an edition-based NFT series (separate from WGMInterfaces) although expect to see a crossover of characters and traits, as well as new and unique experimental ones too. The NFT’s will be minted as their own ERC-1155 token. Each G.D.W.N release will focus on helping an individual, group, charity, or project. All funds that are generated from each release will be transferred to the wallet of the person/s we are partnering with.

Are you a charity?

At the moment no. Simply put, we’d like to do what we can where possible through both the Good Deeds series as well as the main Interfaces collection. This is by far a community effort and the fact we are in the position to raise awareness for doing good is something we are extremely grateful for.

How often will Good Deeds be released?

Going forward, we’re hoping to release a new edition quarterly, we have no specific goal or target number in mind though.


Each Good Deeds release will likely be different depending on a specific goal/target we are trying to achieve, any remaining editions that are left after the designated time period will be burned.


Nope, We have no concrete plans for the future of the collection other than doing good and coming together as a community to help others where possible. We’re open to suggestions and want to keep the direction of the series flexible.


That’s a tricky one, but in short, dare we say it, more than likely yes. We have some fun ideas around utility and rewards for Good Deeds holders. Each release will be unique and come with its own perks, we also plan on extending utility/rewards throughout the collection as it grows. **Please take notice as this is really important, utility will only benefit you as an individual, if you decide to purchase an edition there is no reason to purchase more than one. Owning multiple editions from the same release will not increase the amount of utility/rewards you receive even if your purchases are split across multiple wallets/accounts. We are focusing all of our energy and ideas around utilities that reward single purchases from each release. E.G if we were to release a discount code to holders, it would not benefit you by having more than one Good Deed NFT.**


We’re aiming to launch G.D.W.N 001 within the next week or so. This will be announced only through our Twitter account, please don’t mint or purchase from anybody linking to anything claiming to be this collection, it will be a scam. We’re currently working on the smart contract, the artwork has been finalized and we will preview it this week. We’ll make a detailed post outlining who we are partnering with, how this particular Good Deed came about, and what utility comes specifically with this edition.