The Gender Pay Gap is a Hoax
Alexander Muse

Hi Alex, this is one issue we agree on, to a large degree.

Throughout my career in big and small companies, I’ve never witnessed an occasion where anyone was paid less or selected for a position based on gender. In the companies that I’ve been part of compensation was always based on (contribution + value) to the company, which incorporates MANY factors, not just daily tasks–but never gender, marital status, etc..

I think the concept of equal pay for equal work is a union mindset and really only an issue for task-oriented jobs/companies, e.g., cashiers, assembly-line work, and stuff like that. I’m sure there are instances of gender-based pay inequalities, I just don’t think it’s as big an issue as its purported to be once you dig into all of the numbers. I’d be happy to be pointed at real data, as I’m sure you would be.

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