Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.
Zipporah Gene

Well, that’s kinda bitter and discouraging. You made some good points and I some what understand some of the things that you are saying. But you seem a bit unaware of the western world and the identity crisis going on among blacks. I am Jamaican. Most of my family lives in the states and I go there every summer so I kinda know a little about black Americans. Now I don’t understand how you aren’t from this part of the world where our history was completely wiped away from us yet you want to tell us that we are appropriating YOUR culture. We are in the day and age where we are empowering the black race and loving ourselves. There isn’t a better way to do it than by connecting with our roots. We may not know exactly what tribe we are from but we appreciate and respect the different cultures and we have every right to want to be apart of it. I understand that some people are just in it for the trends but many others are really trying to find themselves. Whether you like it or not we wont stop. Cause our ancestors are from Africa and we deserve to have a history more than just ships, shackled and stripes on our backs. I am only 18 but I am an aspiring artist and I began searching. I found so much enlightenment and African culture really influenced my art, the way I eat and dress. Basically my entire lifestyle. Oh!! And afropunk is doing a damn good job glorifying African culture in this oppressive side of the world! So please, leave us alone.