Medium: First Impressions

I’ve come across a lot of developer articles on Medium. That’s how I found this site. First impressions matter the most and Medium played well. The UI is unobtrusive, clean and well organised as well as simple to use. I’ve used WordPress in the past. It’s pretty good considering it serves it’s purpose. There lies the difference between the two platforms. To put it in simple words Medium is exclusively for writing , whereas WordPress serves as a good CMS.

For someone who just wants to write Medium would be a no-brainer . WordPress is (honestly) not as minimal as Medium and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to be. My favourite feature of Medium is probably the text editor . Since I code a lot, if I wanted to share some code I would require a plugin for WordPress or I would have to use the markdown syntax. Medium makes it easier to share code, you create a gist and you paste the link, that’s it, doesn’t get simpler.

Another feature I like about Medium is it’s font choice. Sure you could get something like that on WordPress by changing the themes. But if you’re lazy and don’t want to eyeball all the themes, Medium is for you. You basically hit the ground running. Medium has good readability as compared to the sites I’ve come across so far. Personally if you’d ask me why Medium? I’d say simplicity. That’s all for this post. You should here from me soon enough!

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