How to get $1 million dollars worth of free advertising using influencers.

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Like many startups, British watch brand Shore Projects had little marketing budget to begin with. Faced with the challenge of growing their brand awareness in the most cost effective way, founders Neil Waller and James Street turned to social media and more specifically, to content creators with influence. Having identified individuals whose feed was on brand and matched the Shore Projects aesthetic, the founders began to individually approach hundreds of these influential content creators. Not just accounts with a big following, but influencers who consistently created compelling content that drove engagement and conversions.

What started with one beautiful post by @qmike turned into 11,000 posts, by hundreds of talented content creators from around the world. Populating the #shoreprojects hashtag with authentic UGC that went far beyond being visible solely on the social media platform, but was used across Shore Projects display advertising, blog and website. Garnering over 1.9m likes and over 50k comments and reaching 98m potential customers, building a UGC driven conversation in social is free advertising, with the content’s longevity far exceeding that of a typical advertising campaign.

To put this into perspective in order to reach 98m people and generate 1.9m likes on Facebook, the campaign would have cost £842k in advertising spend. As opposed to the much more economical solution of collaborating with independent content creators and social media influencers online.

No longer a part of marketing that brands can ignore, influencer marketing and moreover content creators with influence lend considerable value and relevance to any company trying to capture the attention of the millenial and gen z demographic. Recognising the gap for a platform that solved the problem of working with influencers at scale, the founders decided to create an easy to use free platform to help brands big a small collaborate with exceptional content creators at scale.

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