Attorney William H. Alexander recently aired a YouTube Video Titled, Benefits of Hiring a Local Barnwell, South Carolina Injury Lawyer, below is a transcript of the video with a few minor edits, please disregard any typos or grammatical errors as this is a transcript of a recorded video:

“Hi, I’m attorney Wil Alexander an injury attorney from right here in Barnwell. The first is convenience, probably what you thought. We’re located right here in Barnwell and not far from where you live, where you work, and we’re super convenient to you. If you’ve been injured, it’s likely that it’s very…

Attorney William H. Alexander recently aired a YouTube Video Titled, below is a transcript of the video with a few minor edits, please disregard any typos or grammatical errors as this is a transcript of a recorded video:

“Why I reviewed my car insurance policy and why you should too. I’m Wil Alexander an injury attorney and I want to tell you a story about myself. When I first started practicing injury law, I didn’t realize a lot about my own personal car insurance. …

Hi, I’m attorney Wil Alexander, an injury attorney right here in the CSRA. I wanted to come on and address a question that had been asked a lot here lately. And that is, are insurance companies still processing claims throughout the coronavirus pandemic? The short answer to that is yes, insurance companies still are processing claims throughout this issue. Actually, a lot of adjusters that we are in contact with were already working remotely prior to the coronavirus. Obviously these insurance companies are large and they have a lot of people that work remote. …

I’m attorney Wil Alexander. An injury attorney right here in the CSRA. I wanted to talk with you about lowering your stress level. Now, if you’re going through an injury claim, or any sort of an insurance claim, I know that your stress is heightened right now. You’re getting calls from adjusters. You may not have gotten a call from an adjuster yet, but if you haven’t, you will soon, and an adjuster is going to ask you rapid fire a lot of questions to try to get information from you. What I want you to do is take a…

In short, yes, you can afford to hire a lawyer for your car wreck no matter how much money you may or may not have to spend on a lawyer.

Most of the time when individuals think about hiring a lawyer they automatically expect expensive fees to be paid upfront or by the hour throughout representation. However, this is not how you pay for a lawyer to handle a car wreck case.

Our firm (and almost all personal injury lawyers) handles car wreck claims on what’s called a contingency fee basis. This means a lawyer does not charge up…

Attorney Wil Alexander in Charleston, South Carolina at the Charleston School of Law

Attorney Wil Alexander spoke at the Charleston School of Law Advanced Torts Summer Class on Thursday, June 14th. Fellow personal injury attorney Everett Stubbs of Gaston, Marion, and Stubbs P.A. spoke to the class as well. Topics included handling a typical car wreck case, handling personal injury cases, starting a law firm and managing/running a law firm.

South Carolina is the 2nd most dangerous State to drive in the United States according to a study released today by

The study ranked all 50 states in their level of safety overall for citizens, with Road Safety being one of the main categories analyzed.

The Road Safety ranking compared states using 6 different metrics:

-Traffic Indiscipline (a metric which uses poor driving behavior such as: phone use, speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, and poor turning.) …

Truck accidents are very common on our interstates and rural highways. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration there were 4,440 fatal crashes involving 18-wheelers and buses in 2016.

Large trucks weigh more than two and a half times the average vehicle which travels the same roads. This difference in weight affects vehicles’ ability to stop. Cars have the capability of stopping much quicker than large trucks, making it extremely important that truck drivers are aware of what is in the distance.

On interstates, highways, & rural roads 18-wheeler accidents often occur because of their inability to stop in…

Nursing home abuse & neglect continues to be a tremendous problem throughout the U.S. and South Carolina. The U.S. is home to approximately 16,000 nursing home facilities and nearly 1.7 million beds with South Carolina housing about 187 nursing home facilities and 20,000 beds.1

With the continued growth of the elderly population and expansion of elder care facilities nursing home abuse & neglect will continue to be a growing trend.

Because of difficulty in communication and oversight warning signs are often easily overlooked. Here are 5 Warning Sings of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect you should be aware of:


Generally single vehicle accidents result in a vehicle striking a guardrail, tree, or flipping multiple times.

Typically individuals believe there is nothing that can be done if they (or a loved one) were involved in a single vehicle accident because the cause of the accident was likely driver error — however this not always the case.

There are many causes of single vehicle accidents other than driver error & certain conditions that may lead to more severe injuries in single vehicle accidents, including:

-Highway/Road Defects
-Bad road conditions
-Dangerous construction zones
-Pools of water
-Poorly placed or lack of proper signage
-Overhanging/Dead Trees

Attorney William H. Alexander

I am a lawyer focused on helping individuals who have been injured throughout South Carolina and Georgia.

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