Exchange Score Card template


There has been a need to grade and review exchanges for a long while in crypto space. Something that is beyond one user’s opinion and written by people with enough history in the space to give a fair and weighted feed back. In order to do this with any degree of non-bias , you need some standard structure to base your scores on. Below you will find below our attempt to rubric what such a score card might look like.

We’re looking for feedback before starting. Any thoughts , comments or feedback is welcome, please leave it below in the comment section.

One more thing - like all things WhaleCalls , we will always lead with pure facts , followed up with commentary.


Company basics = general facts and standards of the exchange itself

Exchange technical — general facts about the technology used and best practices

Profit Center Games — things an exchange may do to make extra money off users in a non-illegal but not great way.

Risk — potential known risk of using that exchange that may prevent fund from being reached.

UI — user interface standards.

Alphas — unique exchange features or strengths that set it apart from competitors.

Company basics — +2 for each qualifying

Exchange Technical- +2 for each qualifying

Profit Centers games– minus 1 for each qualifying

Risk — minus 2 for each qualifying

UI — +2

Alphas -free form response for strengths each reasonable point gets +1

Real suggestions on how to be better.


Edit — we purposely are leaving off discussion of market makers and liquidity in this discussion. Good exchanges attract these already.

Edit2 — uptime need to exist on this list. either under tech or risk. maybe even both. also should be “mix customer and private funds “ under Risk as that is a big risk in bankruptcy disputes.