Fear Has No Place Here
Turing School

Great article! Would love to see more intersectionality where ability is concerned though. Ableism exists within the same system of oppression as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and so on… Trump certainly made a point of mocking and deriding a differently-abled member of the press; though this generally being agreed upon by most as distasteful and mean-spirited, it is frequently ignored or treated as expected by society at large. It is disheartening that misconceptions are reinforced by the silence of those with the privilege of fitting a standard set by society, regarding what ability and contribution looks like. Neurodiversity also is as important as any other, especially considering that the most brilliant creative and scientific minds in history have overwhelmingly suffered from invisible “disorders”… in quotes because a normative society always has a cure for genius. Not all who are different are ‘dis-’ or less able than anyone to learn, to work hard, to be successful or productive, but maybe don’t fit the “normal”. Thank you for speaking out against hatred and oppression, the world needs more people like you to champion the causes that will bring a better future for us all.

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