Thank you for the trust of our miners. We paid the first part of the compensation to the miners who responded to our call. The amount of compensation was 4 059 215 tokens.

We focused the development on improving pool stability, improving automatic switching, and adding interface and replenishment.

Thanks for looking for Whalesburg pool mining!

Dear miner, you are welcomed by the team Whalesburg!

At the beginning of the 2019 mining pool, Whalesburg at the conference TerraMining announced and started to collect pre-orders on the production of Bank cards. We saw the market’s need to automate payments and exchange cryptocurrency to fiat. 144 applications were collected, which was at that time almost 15% of the number of active customers of our mining pool. We started working in these direction-contacted banks, attended private events, met and communicated with representatives of the industry, collected feedback from our respected miners. …

Whalesburg celebrates 2 years!

We want to thank everyone for their trust.
We have big plans ahead.

Join Whalesburg now! ⛏️

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Hey, colleagues! Let’s get to know each other! We are a Whalesburg team, mining a pool that helps earn more with automatic switching and transparent statistics.

We’re not selling you Whalesburg here. It’s just that we genuinely love what we do and we want to talk about it.

There will be posts about our lives at Whalesburg, new chips in development, and services. Here we will talk about the problems of the world of mining and crypto, about new technologies and projects that change our industry.

I want this blog to become alive, and you have the opportunity to address…

Dear miners, we offer you remote cooperation!

If you have a few hours of the day, you love mining and you can talk about it with different people, then rather write to us!

Make the world of mining more professional together!

Mail for contact:

A long-awaited release!
We are moving towards new goals, the tasks are ambitious!
As always, we have tried to take into account the wishes of miners and added new functionality!

0. All miners pool +1.5% profit!!
The new version of our pool engine and newly optimized infrastructure brought strong results. Miners can expect to generate +1,5% in average income now.
Now we are even better, even more profitable, even more convenient! Enjoy!
1. Manual selection of auto-switching mining option.
Some miners configure their farms in such a way that the process of switching, DAG file re-generation becomes painful — crashes, freezes, errors. Therefore, especially…

Всем привет, как вы уже заметили, ночью мы не спим, а обновляем личный кабинет)

Вот, что мы для вас приготовили:

  • Новый интерфейс — надеемся, что теперь он стал еще более интуитивно понятным.
  • Недавно мы подключили систему тикетов для тех поддержки и интегрировали ее с вашим личными кабинетом. Теперь написать в поддержку можно прямо из личного кабинета, даже когда под рукой нет Телеграм или почты. Наша команда ответит вам в течение 3-х часов.

Dear Friends,

Based on your feedback we’ve made some adjustments to your Whalesburg dashboard!

What’s new?

  • Re-designed interface aimed to be more user friendly.
  • Tech support for everyone: our newly introduced support ticket system is now connected to your account — you can contact support team right from your dashboard. We will reply to you within 3 hours.

Now you can use whatever channel you like to get professional tech support: Telegram channel, email or contact from your dashboard.

Дорогие друзья!

У нас ещё одна хорошая новость!

Мы исправили проблему совместимости с NiceHash и тщательно протестировали в последние пару дней.


Whalesburg is a profit-switching mining pool!

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