Aug 15, 2019 · 2 min read

A long-awaited release!
We are moving towards new goals, the tasks are ambitious!
As always, we have tried to take into account the wishes of miners and added new functionality!

0. All miners pool +1.5% profit!!
The new version of our pool engine and newly optimized infrastructure brought strong results. Miners can expect to generate +1,5% in average income now.
Now we are even better, even more profitable, even more convenient! Enjoy!
1. Manual selection of auto-switching mining option.
Some miners configure their farms in such a way that the process of switching, DAG file re-generation becomes painful — crashes, freezes, errors. Therefore, especially for them, we introduce the opportunity to abandon profit-switching. Your Hashpower will mine ETH regardless of the profitability of other alts. This is the beginning of the movement in the direction of selecting coins for mining and manual switching settings. The option is available in your account.
2. Self-change wallet in your account
Changing the wallet within the account is a fairly frequent necessity faced by miners. If you mistakenly specified the wrong wallet when registering, want to start mining to another address or have some other reasons for the change — now it is available in the settings of your personal account. Currently is implemented the mechanism of change of wallet with no balance transfer and no rebinding referrals.
3. New module “Deviations” (from the norm) on the statistics page.
We decided to add a new tool with which owners of a large number of rings (and not only) will be convenient to identify strong deviations from the local hashrate per day. Thanks to the table you will be able to identify problem farms, and possibly behind them and maps that give drawdown for various reasons.
4. Announcement of new algorithms and coins on the statistics page!
We’re preparing for something big. Whalesburg will soon more than just an Ethereum pool. In nearest time we will extend the functionality as on the ETH, and on other algorithms. Follow the changes!
5. The announcement of the US servers! Whalesburg in New York!
We present a new connection address for those on the West side of the Atlantic — stratum+tcp://
6. The bot now notifies you of payments.
By popular demand, we continue to expand the functionality of the bot, now you will receive a notification via Telegram about the payment from the pool!
7. New instructions in FAQ section
We have recommendation not to mine on the wallets of exchanges and other services, because then there may be all sorts of difficulties. For those who still doubt or just have some difficulties with creating a wallet, we have prepared a small manual:


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Whalesburg is a profit-switching mining pool! https://whalesburg.com

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