The World’s Leading Countries Turn Their Backs On The US
Jossif Ezekilov

I get the dislike that others may have for Presidential Trump as he is very unpolished and seen as abrasive, crass, and arrogant. The lack of impartial reporting doesn’t help. It is interesting to see how one elected president will take the credit for something that the previous administration had achieved. Today people have such a short memory. They tend to forget that Bush (in spite of his numerous shortcomings and questionable policies) had for the most part pacified Iraq with the surge before he left office. By 2010, things had gotten so stable that the Obama Administration was trying to take credit for Iraq. Here’s Joe Biden,

“I am very optimistic about…Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.”

Despite the fact that our generals wanted him to work out a status of forces agreement with the Iraqi government so we could leave troops there, Obama wanted political credit for getting all our troops out of the country and he didn’t much care what happened afterwards. So we pulled out of Iraq rather than leaving a residual force there as we have in nations like Germany, Japan and South Korea. Predictably, the whole country then fell apart. Worse yet, because of Obama’s incompetence, ISIS was able to take large swathes of territory in Iraq and it became a major player on the world stage. All the blood and treasure we spent in that nation was squandered because an incompetent politician cared more about getting a minor political advantage than winning a war.

What I’m about to say is simply an observation that many people have made specifically about President Trump’s predecessor. The previous president nearly doubled the National Debt. This country survived the Brits burning the White House in the War of 1812, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11, but all of those horrors combined will pale to the long-term damage to this country Obama has caused with his reckless spending. But more frightening is that he unleashed the genie from the nuclear weapons bottle in the Middle East. Obama’s Iran Deal marks the beginning of a nuclear arms race in an area largely run by religious fanatics and anti-American dictators. The chances of a nuclear war, or even more importantly a nuke going off on American soil, have increased astronomically because of Obama’s foolishness.

Lastly, Obama encouraged racial polarization: No president ever had a better opportunity to encourage racial reconciliation than Obama. Instead, America’s first black president went in exactly the opposite direction and tried to create as much racial polarization as possible because he thought it benefited him politically. Unlike Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, Obama is subtler. His administration encouraged hatred of police, turned a blind eye to race riots and did nothing to slow down the incessant cries of “racism” from his supporters that greeted every disagreement with Obama’s policies. During Obama’s presidency, the Left openly used race as a political weapon and it created a level of racial strife in America that we haven’t seen since the sixties.

Having had such great racial division paved by the Obama Administration, now enters this billionaire white guy who is now being looked upon through a very specific lens. I’ve never seen the term “white privileged” used as much as it is now that President Obama has left office. For example: I read about some young woman expressing the changes she is going through in her life and was labeled by someone else as a “white privileged” woman. The dissonance in this country and those perpetuating it is absolutely unreal! Have we traveled back through time to the sixties?

Before anyone gets ready to give me a piece his or her mind, (not that my words will stop anyone) let me just say that I’m neither left nor right (neither Republican nor Democrat). Is Trump the answer to our woes? I seriously doubt it. Until the masses (“We the People”) can put their (our) petty differences aside (our individual beliefs and brainwashing) and come together, it doesn’t matter who is in power because “they” (the powers that be) have devised a way to keep us divided and therefore we will all remain enslaved in an institution (not a democracy) that will keep us oppressed.