The Insincerity of Words and Sex.
Robert Cormack

Idioms and colloquial expressions are wonderful. And what about those rhetorical questions such as “how are you?” Nobody really wants to hear how you are doing it’s just the person’s way of saying hello.

To me, words are like art. Some people really love art and others are rather indifferent to this kind of aesthetics. Unlike sex, words define us. Words define the world behind our eyes. Listen to someone long enough and you begin to get an idea of the individual’s psyche. You can tell how someone feels about his/her self just by listening to the words they speak.

I’m torn between your comparison of insincere words and sex. It insults both the inherent beauty of words and the exquisiteness of the physical act of sex. Maybe I might be able to flow with your analogy if you had compared insincere words with insincere sex. Maybe. I really can’t say what part of this analogy creates dissonance in me. Perhaps some part of me is asking, “If insincere words are like sex, why then am I not having sex two or three times a day?”

Words to me are orgasmic and when spoken, even insincerely, can lead to a physical orgasm; Of course sex and orgasm are not synonymous.

I actually get what you are inferring, but because I’m currently in the desert (so to speak) your analogy just doesn’t sit well with me. 😉

There is a tendency for most people to be on autopilot when thinking and speaking. It is kind of sad, but for the most part it is true.

Thank you for such an engaging article. It made me stop and think.