you know what, that is really true and I have a friend who tells me the same thing, in a different…
Jet Ska

The best part about love is the feeling of giving it to someone. It just feels SO wonderful. To focus on someone in such a wonderful way…loving those attributes about that person and feeling delicious emotions of love pouring out of you.

I think sometimes there is a tendency to jump down the road to where we want the relationship to go and we forget the exquisiteness of the moment and the pureness of love.

For me, I love the feelings I have for a man who lives an ocean away from me. I love that such a delicious man exists and is making the world a better place. But that is what unconditional love is all about. I love him regardless if he is beside me. I’m capable of loving him from afar and therefore I love without placing conditions of my love upon him.

It is an absolutely beautiful and liberating feeling to love someone unconditionally.

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