Men Won’t Take You Seriously If
Victoria Hanna

There is a saying, “Every pot has a lid.” Its an expression my black girlfriend’s mother always says. Just as women have general sayings and opinions about men, men have general opinions about women.

I have lots of male friends, married and unmarried. I love getting their view points on all kinds of topics and issues. Why? Because men typically think different than women. Their brains are wired differently so they can offer a different point of view.

I’m on an online dating website and I am constantly laughing at the things that men put on their profiles. One man said, “If we meet and you look nothing like your pictures online, you’re buying the drinks until you do.” I read this and busted out laughing. What’s interesting is that roughly 70% of men’s profiles say they don’t want any drama. That is a high percentage of men who think women have a lot of drama; of course, we are talking about a dating website. Almost all men want a woman who takes care of herself, but then most women feel the same way about men.

I think on both sides of the isle, mountains can be made out of ant hills. It isn’t us against them.

Together, we are the breath and body of the transition, filling our streets, our coffee shops, our workplaces, and our homes with the energy of Acceptance. Together, we change the baseline in dealing with one another. It is time to lay down the stone tools of the past and take up the brilliant light of the future. Compassion. Empathy. Understanding, and education. We do not always have to agree, yet we can extend dignity to those with whom we differ. AND, we can learn from our differences. Therein lies the strength, and the magic, of who we have the capability to be, as a species.