Faith is rational

How can that be when the definition of faith is to believe something without condition, and without reason. In other words, how can faith be rational when it is irrational by definition?

To understand this all you have to do is to go watch the movie “Life of Pie”.

****************************Spoiler Alert****************************

At the end of the movie, it is revealed that the magical adventure which makes up most of the story is nothing more than fantasy, a figment of a young boys imagination which protected him against tragedy and despair.

That’s it. The real power of faith and religion and spirituality is survival. Life is hard. When one is confronted with unsurmountable suffering, insecurity and uncertainties, when the rationally there appears to be no hope left and one is about to give up, the human heart is able to conjure up a greater power, the power of imagination, and faith.

Faith, therefore, increases survival. Faith, therefore, is a rationale choice.

Faith may not be the end all solution for life’s problems, but when life gets hard sometimes it is the only way to advance. It is by no means easy to have faith in oneself, in people, and in our beliefs, but at least one should never feel silly about it. Faith is a natural way of being, a product of evolution, as natural as fight or flight, and breathing. Modern man has so many reservations against faith, but ultimately I believe only faith can save Humanity.