Guy Martin

During the first symphosium we had a pleasure meeting two great photographers, whos approaches to photography differ. The first one was Guy Martin who spoke about his project The Parallel State in detail, including the information about the funding.

The Parallel State — Turkey — started end of 2012 — City of Dreams

  • How country gets power?
  • Soap operas to show soft power strategy
  • Turkey ‘exported’ an image of itself
  • “Photography was using me…”< — war
  • A way to re-imagine the country
  • Only photographed people on sets when they weren’t acting
  • No editing
  • Photojournalism + documentary + editorial + staged + unstaged = fiction and non fiction
  • People changed the sceen to use the images as benefit to represent the story — photographer being visible

How we portray the news? How we tell stories? 
* Hero and vilan
Where is the TRUTH? images for media — manipulation

Photographs mash together — repetition — soap opera images and real life images seem to be repetition of one another = real life soap opera

No cost:

Personal work in-between assigments = money

After City of Dreams came ISIS

  • gift shop for ISIS — still life
  • logo hijacked by ISIS having different meaning
  • Shown in TIME
  • Images reflect current events
  • Soap operas with idea of ISIS
  • Syrian refugees created an ISIS soap opera (low budget, comedic approach — makes you question if it should be funny)


  • good for getting the work out there
  • used to show editors what you’re working on
  • never fully give away what you’re doing

Looking for people that fit into the story, unposed but selected
Own experiences show in the work

Find layers within photographs you create — images which you would throw away few years ago may tell the best story.

Influenced by:

  • Bitter Lake
  • The Look of Silence
  • The Act of Killing

Nothing is as it seems!