The experience after graduation

After many conversations with Jake Beamson from Jake Beamson’s Photography I have been offered a position of an assistant/second shooter to gain experience of shooting weddings as well as copules/engagement shoots. He has informed me that when university is finished I should get in contact with him again to start the process of working together. Beamson would also help me understant the business side of photography and share his experiences (he previously mentioned that he had some problems with his business few years back and yet he over come it). I am happy to know that I have a support of a working photographer as a start towards becoming a sole trader.

I have also spoke with a friend of mine from back home who has helped me find a stable job after graduation which allows me to earn enough money to cover my living expenses and be able to save some money towards setting up a business of my own. The work would also allow enough free time for me to be able to gain photographic experience, spend time researching and finally collaborate with my sister (using her knowledge of business and management) in order to create a brand of my own and start gaining money from photography.