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An Amateur Guide to Blogging

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“Try blogging, you write well”; many of my friends told me this, and I, a person who is consistent only at procrastinating, used to dodge it by saying, “ writing long paragraphs is not my cup of tea !! “. So, after being layabout for almost 6 months(thank you, Corona!), I decided to give it a shot!! and if at all I’m starting this, why not start with my understanding and perception of blogs(oh yes!! I’m gonna brag about myself). Rather than writing long paragraphs for expressing the thought, what fascinates me the most is the idea of keeping it short, and letting it open for understanding. But as in this world opinions are like coupons you receive at malls; free, worthless and in abundance, I decided to drop my crappy thoughts through my useless talent and free medium called ‘Medium’ (phew!! seems like a lot of hard work was put into naming).

So, what is a blog? If we look at the definition, a blog is an online journal displaying information where writers share their views on an individual subject. A blog can be personal or informational. So, a blog can range from a personal diary to an encyclopedia on a particular subject.

According to me, a blog is a platform created from a lack of options. It’s like a hybrid child of Instagram and Facebook if they’ve sex. It’s like putting two dishes together, mixing it, and serving it with a new fancy name. (Rabdi-Jalebi, soupy Maggi, Bread-Pakoda, etc. ) So, that’s my perception of blogs.

As it’s clear from “My idea of the blog” that, I’m not very passionate about this. Then what’s there for the readers to visit my profile? So, there are a few things that I will try to do with my blogs & I bet it’ll be as interesting (Dark, too) as your search history at 3:00 a.m. So, there would be topics related to,

  1. marketing/advertising,
  2. philosophy,
  3. optimism,
  4. some fundamental questions,
  5. moral dilemma,
  6. feelings, and
  7. many more topics.

Although I’m not a full-time blogger, I promise to stay in touch with you guys through my blogs. Just like this, I will give you a tight hug through my conversational, personal, and garden-fresh(garden-mind full of beautiful thoughts) write-ups. Till then, stay safe!

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