Working on the Film HL production portfolio

Senior Film HL Project: Step One

Team Members:
Dipayan Banerjee — Director
Andrew Heckel — Cinematographer/Screenwriter
Joseph Ilano — Sound Designer
Brian Li — Editor

For Film HL our group needs to complete the following: a six to seven minute film, including titles, accompanied with a 40 to 60 second trailer. The production portfolio is also required, and has a five assessment criteria that includes planning and research, reflection and evaluation, professional and technical skills, effective use of film language, and originality and creativity.

A possible idea we developed during brainstorming is the idea of having two people in a cafe, one person is a journalist, the other an exiled journalist. The two of them discuss the motives of a man — who both are studying or already studied — who has perplexed everyone with his actions and behaviors, as they try to make sense of the happenings of the past.

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