Popular types of Explainer Video.

Every business looking for a production of new explainer video for their upcoming project. But you must have questions like, What to choose? and how much you should invest?

Usually the video cost depends on the Duration and types of the video. Duration depends on you and your idea/product, but we suggest you to keep 30 sec to 90 sec. Bcoz this is the exact duration where viewers gives attention.

So now the question is What type of video you may choose? Here are the major and popular types of the video:

  • 2d Character Animation
  • 2d Motion Graphics (Infographics) Animation
  • 2.5d Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Live Action
  • Typography
  • ScreenCast
  • Animated Screencast

2D Character Animation

One of the most popular and broadly used techniques. This videos perfectly fit in low budget, easy to make and an ideal form of content for people to share. So it has the first place in the explainer video industry.

Budget: starting $1500 to $5000

2D Motion Graphics (Infographics) Animation

We think that motion graphics are designed to be both entertainment, communication and marketing content. This style helps to explain a complicated product or service, bring trust and buzz to their brand. In other words, graphics are used to show how that product or service works and how the customer can benefit from it. Additionally, 2D motion graphics animation videos look fresh, colorful and dynamic.

Budget: starting $1500 to $5000

2.5D Animation

2.5D is the combination of 3D objects and 2D images in same platform to make the video more appealing. It’s like looking to cutouts moving in a 3D-like space, even when all of the elements are designed in 2D. This is a great alternative for companies with a limited budget that want to look top-notch but can’t afford the price that comes with 3D techniques.

Budget: $2500 to $10K

Whiteboard Animation

Most famous and preferred video type especially in startup and business networks. The whole idea is drawing a sequential images and text in a whiteboard matching the voice over and explaining the whole concept. This is a alternative of 2d and infographics animation.

Budget: $1500 to $5K

3D Animation

3D diffenitely time consuming and expensive. But for sure this type of video standout from rest of the 2D demo videos. Expensive but endless possibilities. You should consider that production times tend to be longer, simply because any changes or adjustments take more effort than with the other styles.

Budget:$10K to 30K

Live Action with Animation

Live action is nothing but a live video which recorded using a video camera with real people. It needs perfect setup like crew, actors, editors, production process, etc. It’s a good option for companies seeking to build a personal relationship between them and potential customers by showing real people in real scenes. The combination of live video with graphic components offer great benefits. You can be personal and build trust with the live action part, while also entertaining and illustrative with the animation part.

Budget:$2.5K to $50K


Words speak a lot. The idea of this style is to deliver a message through words. Typography is the preferred mode of sharing inspiring text in sequential way. If the proper fonts are used, the video can use the right format to underline certain passages and make them stick in your audience’s memory.

Budget: $1K to $5k


A screencast is the digital recording of a screen capture containing audio narration. Since it’s one of the low cost alternatives to making a video, several startups rely on it, especially when it comes to tutorials. If your product is a complex software or platform, you can benefit from this style to showcase how it works.

Budget: $300 to $500

Animated Screencast

This is the similar to Screencast but an animated version, showing the viewer how to use the desktop site or mobile app- step-by-step. This type of video is very helpful to improve customers’ experience in using your product service. Most videos that intend to become a tutorial or a how-to video, would want to use animated screencaps to make it easy to understand.

Budget: $1k to $3k

So next time when you plan for a video or sending a quote request to the production, you may ask a few questions yourself:

  1. What is my goals after successfully execute this video?
  2. What approx duration I should keep?
  3. What Type of video, I should choose?
  4. When I want the final video?

BTW, all this valuable content and samples we bring with the help of youtube, yumyumvideos, breadnbeyond, Kasra Design, and Gary Mason.The cost analyzed by experts team. This may change time by time, and depends production quality.

Hopefully, this article will help in your search of the best types of explainer clips for your company. If you have any question regarding this topic, you can mail me: vicasso@whatastory.in or WhatsApp me +91 9536933993.

Thanks for reading!