Many may think I want money…

At least is what rightfully for external people to think….. nope.

The CIA along with Citibank group and Anna Kendrick associates requested my life for unknown reasons, the only actual way to make this people go away was either by requesting them money by denounces made or renounce to my civil liberties and rights like free speech and use of telecommunications.

its simple…. I am not scammer, I am a protector of my own life…. and these people are guided by profit, money is not my interest, and neither for these people if you wonder…. but at least was a way to keep them at bay.

When that didn’t work out…. anymore, the Mi5 planned hoax on Mexico. in order to steal the country. or at least is what I believe. I have never been of the interest of this people. Entire Mexico was of course the target.

Money is not of my concern, like previously said, lives are., even if actually shouldn’t be of my concern, but hey, I live here.

So… might be a war , might be not, I do not know. but was all planed to rob Mexico.

I remind you that I applied for a job at Citybank several years ago…. and I remind you that Citibank wrote a document called “How to rule the world”.

Think wisely world….

Victor Hugo Diaz Castillo (Snow)