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The question serves as a reminder to always assess the status quo. It is imaginative, and it begs us to envision a better version of what the status quo can be. It is about unravelling the laws that define our current systems, challenging them and breaking the rules in doing so in order to create a better future of food.

Our story started with asking ourselves ‘What if’.

We were looking at the way the industry produced instant noodles, which is a hearty, familial convenience food that is consumed in billions of portions every year. We were surprised at how unhealthy they are — they are deep fried. …

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The signs are there for decades but this pandemic has been left to draw its course.

The world has seen an exponential rise in morbidity from noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes in the past decade. This rise shares traits with a pandemic of infectious diseases, despite it not being called so. A paper from the University of Oxford (Allen, 2016) fights for this adoption in terminology, stressing the importance of this ‘pandemic’

Bambara groundnut takes the centre stage in our mission as the key Future Fit ingredient. But what is Bambara groundnut and why are we giving this ingredient so much attention?

What is Bambara groundnut and where are they from?
Bambara groundnut or Bambara bean, also known scientifically as Vigna subterranean, is a wonderful legume. …


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We create tasty comfort foods that nourish us and our planet.

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