Bricks and mortar retail is being disrupted at an untenable pace, forcing brands to rethink everything from offering to business model. This isn’t a trend or market correction that will work itself out, it’s a permanent shift in consumer behavior that transforms the meaning of “the store”.

To learn more, check out our partner, Bart Higgins’ feature in the latest issue of The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything magazine -on newsstands, today!

If you’re interested in learning more, you can view our expanded thoughts on retail innovation from What If here.

The ?What If! Toolkit offers teams access to a hybrid approach to innovation that’s been adapted to be practical for corporate environments

By: Geoff Gibbins, Director at ?What If! Innovation

The world of corporate innovation has transformed over the past several years. Of course it should. It’s innovation.

There are now so many different kinds of innovation: design innovation, business model innovation, digital innovation. …

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