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Twitter launches new ‘First View’ video ad product

A new video ad has been launched on Twitter called First View which will greet users as they first log on to the platform. For 24-hours each day, one brand will be able to grab this spot and every user will be shown the video of choice just once. Hopefully this new product, hailed as the Twitter equivalent of a ‘homepage takeover’, will be complemented by the algorithmic feed, whose aim is to make the platform easier and more worthwhile to users who don’t live on Twitter 24/7, and which will also pop up when users first open the app.

Instagram now shows how many times your videos have been viewed

So you’ve manipulated your courgetti and the photo shoot’s done. It’s time to release the behind the scenes video footage to your Instagram followers. “Come Spiralise With Me” goes live and it’s getting a lot of likes, but how can you tell if people really love it and have engaged with it? Why, by checking the number of views it’s had, which Instagram now provides you with.

Apple Music Now In Far More Countries Than Spotify

As a matter of fact, Music Business Worldwide notes that the service is now in 59 more countries than Spotify.

The Life of Pablo, the Death of Streaming Music as We Know it

The music streaming landscape is now effectively segmented to the point where, as a consumer, it’s inconvenient to have just one streaming service. Having to pay for more than one streaming service is of course par for the course in video — long gone are the days where it makes any sense to make do with just Netflix.

Why Brands Need Content Agencies of Record

Content is growing at an unprecedented rate because traditional advertising is getting disrupted at an exponential rate. Audiences are ignoring ads, cutting cable cords and downloading ad blockers like never before.

Inside Great Big Story, CNN’s attempt to out-BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

Great Big Story launched in October as an independent subsidiary of CNN. The news giant wants to mimic the success digital publishers like BuzzFeed and Vice have had with inspirational or edgy content on social platforms without being weighed down by the association with the parent brand, with its older-skewing audience. Its head of sales, David Spiegel, is even a BuzzFeed vet.

How Google Is Reimagining Books

Larsen’s book is one of the inaugural titles from Editions at Play, a joint e-books publishing venture between Google Creative Lab Sydney and the design-driven publishing house Visual Editions, which launched this week. With the mission of reimagining what an e-book can be, Editions at Play brings together the author, developers, and designers to work simultaneously on building a story from the ground up. They are the opposite of the usual physical-turned-digital-books; rather, they’re books that “cannot be printed.”

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